About MyGreenerPlanet®

MyGreenerPlanet® was developed to enable everybody to participate in the renewable energy revolution and directly receive a share of the profits and carbon credits produced.

Individuals and companies support the renewable energy industry through various Government subsidies provided but the opportunity to share in the success and rewards of the industry is limited.

MyGreenerPlanet® is democratising the industry and enabling all to participate directly.

We are all responsible for carbon emissions and great progress has been made in reducing carbon emissions but we are all left with a residual carbon footprint. The only method to reduce this residual carbon footprint is by offsetting with carbon credits.

Rather than buying carbon credits from solar farm owners, you can now become an owner of the solar farm which produces the carbon credits.

The solar farms available on the MyGreenerPlanet are registered with the Federal Government’s Clean Energy Regulator (CER) which issues the accredited carbon credits known as Large Scale Generation Certificates which can be used to offset carbon footprints from the consumption of electricity.

The cost of carbon credits has increased significantly in Australia and globally due to the focus on climate change and the publicity generated by the United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP26) in November 2021.

MyGreenerPlanet® is supporting this increased demand by providing direct access to the ownership of the solar farms which produce the carbon credits.

Becoming an owner of the solar farm with direct access to the carbon credits and a share of the profit is financially far more attractive.

The cost and difficulty in accessing carbon credits is solved by MyGreenerPlanet® which provides shared ownership of the solar farm which produces the carbon credits.

There is no need to install solar panels when you can buy into your own solar farm.

Senior Management Team

Take charge of your carbon offsets.

Our Team

Renewable Energy Advisory

Expertise in the sourcing and acquisition of solar farms is provided by Sustainable Energie Partners which has been involved in the development and management of solar and wind farms for 20 years.

MyGreenerPlanet® allows everybody to make money and produce their own carbon credits.

Why pay someone else for their carbon credits when you can produce your own from a solar farm you own with other like-minded people.

Why help to fund someone else’s solar farm when you can own your own.

Be in control of your own carbon footprint and how to offset it.

Reduce your carbon footprint your way from your own solar farm.

Take direct control of reducing your own carbon footprint. Do it your way.

Buy into your own solar farm and reap the financial rewards.

Your tax dollars are subsidising someone’s solar farm. So get involved and buy your own.

Our Calculator will work out how much you need to spend to offset your company's carbon emissions. It will determine carbon offset based on how much you want to spend.