Staff and companies changing the present to shape the future

Elevating ESG for better outcomes

Staff and companies jointly achieving net zero

Together owning a solar farm and joining the renewable energy revolution!


  • The best talent want to be part of shaping the future
  • They are activists for change in attitudes and corporate culture
  • Companies can provide the environment that resonates with Staff
  • The Companies focused on ESG will attract and retain the best talent
  • The best talent and culture also delivers on growth and profit objectives
  • Jointly focusing on the Company’s ESG footprint delivers commonality of purpose
  • This joint pursuit and ownership of an operating solar farm acts as a share ownership scheme with purpose


  • Companies and Staff share in the ownership of a solar farm for its life of 35 years and all the CleanGreenEnergy© it produces
  • Do this in a way that does not add to corporate costs
  • Available to all Companies regardless of size and Staff numbers
  • The CleanGreenEnergy is exported to the grid and used to provide power for homes and industry
  • This CleanGreenEnergy provides a direct carbon offset for the Company and its Staff


  • There are numerous ways to leverage the MyGreenerPlanet service to greater enhance your staff engagement, talent attraction and climate culture initiatives
  • Attract new staff with a true climate focused culture that actually owns & creates clean energy, instead of third party carbon credits
  • Enhance your existing employee benefits scheme/s with a climate focused approach
  • Truly collaborate and partner with your staff by sharing in the ownership of your own solar farm
  • Enables HR to communicate a stronger climate and sustainability message to attract and retain key talent

Staff incentives

  • Provides a new way to Reward &/or incentivise your staff by awarding them shares & full ownership rights in a fully operating & Australian clean energy producing asset ( the solar farm).
  • Award your high performing teams &/or departments, with credits / tokens to purchase shares in your own solar farm ( from as little as $50!)
  • Satisfies Staff needs to participate in ESG endeavours and align goals with their employer

Companies and staff share in the renewable energy revolution and receive an attractive return from the power of the sun

Companies and household are responsible for emissions of Greenhouse Gases into the atmosphere from their use of electricity from the grid. And for a companies can escalate to 100’s tonnes of carbon emissions each year. The cost of offsetting by purchasing carbon credits is enormous and beyond the ability of many. Buying a share of a solar farm provides carbon credits effectively at no cost as the share of net profits fully repay the cost.

MyGreenerPlanet enables you to become a shared owner of a solar farm and the CleanGreenEnergy it produces to offset your consumption of electricity from fossil fuels and receive a financial return. MyGreenerPlanet is a unique opportunity for everyone to become a joint owner of a solar farm and protect our planet while benefiting from regular returns.

  • Preserve the planet for future generations.
  • Reduce greenhouse gasses.
  • Help Australia meet international Greenhouse Gas reduction obligations.
  • Receive a 4% per annum return on the amount you pay for 35 years.

MyGreenerPlanet allows everyone to share financially in the renewable energy revolution with an outlay from as little as $50. You get money back in your bank account and reduce your carbon footprint.

It’s a win for your company, your Staff and their families. And a win for the planet.

You and your Staff can offset up to 100% of your fossil fuel emissions. You choose the amount you want to spend-its entirely your choice

Staff can join with the company to offset the company’s emissions and also offset their household emissions. A person living in an apartment can achieve a 100% offset for their emissions for 35 years for a total once only outlay of approximately $5,000 which can be paid in instalments. A larger household will achieve a 100% offset for 35 years for a total once only outlay of approximately $10,000 which can be paid in instalments from as low as $50 per month.

Staff can introduce MyGreenerPlanet to friends, family, their Community, Social and Sporting organisations.

MyGreenerPlanet puts money back in your pocket and allows you to play a part in the stewardship of the planet for future generations.

How to purchase?

One off payment

Make a one-off payment of a minimum of $50.

Monthly Subscription

Pay a monthly subscription of a minimum amount of $50 which can be cancelled at any time.

Calculate your offset

The online calculator determines the amount to pay to partially or completely offset your use of electricity consumption from the grid with the CleanGreenEnergy produced by the solar farm.


You and your Staff have access to real time information on the operations of the solar farm including its performance and the energy generated. Owners receive a quarterly performance report and annual audited accounts. Owners are not liable for the performance of the solar farm. Comprehensive insurance cover is provided for the performance and income of the solar farm to cover performance and weather-related disruptions.

Our Calculator will work out how much you need to spend to offset your company's carbon emissions. It will determine carbon offset based on how much you want to spend.