Share in the renewable energy revolution

Buy CleanGreenEnergy directly from the MyGreenerPlanet solar farm, receive a very attractive return from the power of the sun, and share in the renewable energy revolution.

MyGreenerPlanet is a unique opportunity for everyone to become involved in renewable energy by purchasing CleanGreenEnergy produced from the MyGreenerPlanet solar farm and protect our planet, while benefiting from regular financial returns.

MyGreenerPlanet offsets your own greenhouse gas emissions, while you:
  • Preserve the planet for future generations.
  • Reduce greenhouse gasses and your carbon footprint.
  • Help Australia meet international greenhouse gas reduction obligations.
MyGreenerPlanet is the only carbon offset scheme that enables everyone to:
  • Earn money through buying and selling your own CleanGreenEnergy.
  • Receive a minimum return of 4% each year for the life of the solar farm of 35 years.
MyGreenerPlanet is the only carbon offset scheme that puts money back into your pocket while giving you the opportunity to reduce your carbon footprint.

You choose the amount you want to spend on buying CleanGreenEnergy.