Frequently Asked Questions

Who is MyGreenerPlanet?
MyGreenerPlanet® (MGP)is a totally independent solar farm owner. It is not related to any Electricity Retailer, Utility, Broker or other Institution.
How is the money I invest used?
When you buy CleanGreenEnergy© from an MGP solar farm you are buying directly energy from the solar farm and not from an intermediary. Your money is paid directly to MGP and not any intermediary or broker. Your money goes directly towards purchasing the CleanGreenEnergy© produced or generated by the solar farm with the aim of achieving stable returns to generate reliable cash flows that are sufficient to meet payments to all investors.
Where do my regular payments come from?
Regular payments are made to you from the sale of the energy you purchase. Your energy is supplied to the national grid. The energy is sold to the wholesale electricity market. Your return comes from the proceeds of selling your energy to the wholesale electricity market.
How safe is my investment?
The MGP Solar Farm will produce electricity/energy for at least 30 years and will still be producing energy in 40 and 50 years. The energy produced is purely dependant on the sun shining and it does not require any other operating requirements. MGP complies with all legal and regulatory requirements as determined by its legal advisors, Norton Rose Fulbright.
How can I buy CleanGreenEnergy?
Go to Join page on the MGP website and select the amount you want to invest.
What will be my return each year?
A minimum return of [5]% pa will be paid quarterly. An additional amount will be paid each year dependent on the success of the renewable energy industry.
For how long do my payments continue?
For the life of the solar farm.
What is the life of the solar farm?
Expected to be 40 years.
What costs are involved?
We do not deduct a management fee from your regular repayments or from the money you pay. Our costs are taken into account when setting the amount of your regular payments.
Can I withdraw my money before the end of the term?
You can. If you withdraw you may receive back an amount less than the amount you originally paid.
How do I know what type of electricity I am using at home/office/factory?
Electricity generated by fossil fuels and renewable sources is fed into the National Electricity Market or national grid. The electrons generated by fossil fuels or renewable sources are indistinguishable. Each of these power sources acts like a hose feeding water into the same pool. You, the customer, are buying water from this pool. It’s impossible to discern whose water you’re buying. But you can determine exactly how much CleanGreenEnergy© you are buying from MGP which offsets your use of energy from the grid.
How much do I receive each year?
Here are some factors that will influence the amount paid back to you. - The amount of power the solar farm produces. - The wholesale price of electricity received for the sale of the clean energy to the grid. We understand that investing in solar power is a big decision and not to be taken lightly. We take the worry out by building the solar farm and producing the CleanGreenEnergy© for the grid.